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Waldo, James Lewis, Cheeze Weez, The SEVENth

All Ages
at Aisle 5
1123 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30316
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Kamron Trenard Robinson (born August 26, 1992) is an American rapper, songwriter and performer. Infamously known by his fans as “Waldo.”

Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan and member of hip-hop collective AGO. The reigning champ has impressively out-performed and consistently released a wide collection of music reaching an international audience of millions. At the young age of 17 he dropped his debut project titled, "Runnin' On Empty,” in 2009, and he was just getting started.

He did it again, in 2010, with “Where's Waldo?” his sophomore EP. Invoking the feeling one gets when discovering heat before all your friends, who won’t even know what hit them. Much less who, when, or where… and well that’s Waldo’s thing. No one really knows exactly where, at any given moment but the beat always drops. Harshly.

Following with “Pick Your Own Poison,” in 2011. The steady hit list grew in his wisest collaboration to date (at the time) with up-and-coming label, “Soulection.” Which has since ascended to legendary ranks amongst digitized audiences of cool kids aka “sauce testers.”

Next he whipped up “NSDE/OUTSDE” with another fan-favorite partnership in 2013. This time with super-producer “Sango,” at helm. Shortly after, in 2014, “Until Then” premiered on “The Fader.” Another popular industry light saber. His latest project, “Be Ever Wonderful,” sparked an international tour that set Waldo and wizardly producer “The SEVENth” across the countryside during the 4th Quarter of 2016.

All while remaining independent as an artist. A very rare feat indeed.

Flames that been lit, stay lit and never go out. So, in Waldo’s case there’s no need for a warm-up. Seemingly he was born to do this.

James Lewis has established himself as an all around recording artist. As a native of Grand Rapids, MI, he plans to leave his imprint on the game by reviving hip-hop as an art form.

In 2012, James decided to make a change by traveling to Atlanta, GA to pursue a better future. His first stake in that claim was the "Who Am I" EP with the breakout single "Fame" followed by the infamous "Forget To Forgive". James gained his first major exposure in the WWS Magazine

as one of the top indie artist of 2012. With the release of his singles, "The Revolution" and "Fallen Ashes" from his highly anticipated album, For H.E.R., he has shown the world that he brings more to the table than just rhymes. Today, he joins forces with WERC Crew, a collective that are quickly making an imprint on the new sound of Atlanta. With the release of the single "Pulp Fiction" James has catapulted his way to a bigger audience.

Grand Rapids designer & stage taker, CHEEZE WEEZ has been creating avenues for years. With being the co-founder of BMG, as well as his personal brand Parachute Gear Cheeze has been on a mission to remain uncategorized yet a well defined artist.

Working with a few mainstream artists opening for legends like Warren G, Kid Ink, MGK and sharing the stage with so many more has his music views over 10 thousand on Worldstar Hip Hop as well as YouTube

Launching his career as a musician has sparked love and loyalty amongst many artist and teaming up with venues performing and promoting in and outside of his city. Granting him the nudge of "go ahead" when he takes the stage, he wears his brand on his chest and Skrilla on his back. Staying true to his hustle while staying focused on the next-best move has the artists' music found on multiple music outlets, streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and so on.

Recently linking up with local native Vee Tha Rula and creating his hit single "Reppin Time" has him reaching accomplishments for not only himself, but the whole Grand Rapids community. Gaining momentum and knowing the stakes pushes him to identify himself with real moves and solid work, while leaving a legacy with every step and breath on the mic. What's next???

Marching to the beat of his own drum. That’s typically the vibe one gets when meeting The SEVENth - the artist, producer, and co-founder of AGO Music Group. To date, despite being born and raised in a small city (Grand Rapids, Michigan), the self proclaimed audio wizard has managed to tour 8 different countries, have his work featured on/in outlets like Fader, Complex, FX!, & Afropunk, along with reaching a combined audience of millions via online streaming.

“No build up needed...”, was said by Pigeons and Planes about The SEVENth’s song On The Table, which is the lead single off his collaborative tape with clothing line/Record Label Mishka NYC, titled Weekend Sin. Handling most of his production and recording, The SEVENth channels sound with a solid mixture of unique vocals and bass heavy grooves, just enough to hold down the bouncing synths that move along as do the lyrics when being delivered.

On the outskirts of the industry, setting himself apart from his counterparts, The SEVENth is creating a musical nesting-ground in his audience’s ears. Or to put it differently, making music like that of a body of water here to stay rather than simply making a wave.

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